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I’m a former Adjunct Lecturer at NTU School of Communication & Information and LaSalle College of the Arts. I’m now looking at providing my services to organizations (including media establishments) who require mid-to-high end productions to maintain or enhance their branding through various dynamic media channels. I utilize the state-of-the-moment techniques to maximize productivity and creative options for my clients.

I have completed work for broadcast programming, TVCs, mega-events and product event launches. I am highly competent in producing and animating Infographics videos. I have directed and produced Corporate Videos that call for that something special to stand out from the crowd.

I can work on-site to provide a complete post-production experience with a powerful laptop that has 64GB of RAM with various SSDs and a Thunderbolt3 external drive (for backups) with a total of 2.5 TB of PCIe NVMe internal drive; made up of two different drives.

I am a Certified Instructor in Adobe After Effects and mochaAE/mochaPro. Adobe After Effects is the world’s most popular VisualFX and Animation Software. Mocha is a Motion Tracking and Rotoscoping Software that has won an Academy Award for Scientific Achievement. I have developed training courses for WDA and imCube GbH and continue to provide training in Adobe DVA software to organizations in Singapore and the region.

I am currently an Adobe Community Professional (ACP) at the official Adobe online forum. Prior to this, I was a co-leader at the CreativeCOW’s Adobe After Effects forum, for 12 years.

I am able to provide consulting to speed up post-production workflows using automation tools and introducing new workflow methodologies and technologies. I was very likely the first in the world to develop templates for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro; beginning in 2002

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