Guidelines On Listings

Listings on this site are moderated; we keep an off-hands approach and let the production companies and talents submit their page as to their own liking, but we review and adjust any statements / grammar as necessary. Unsubstantiated claims will be removed. The accuracy of any listing is the responsibility of the company or individual listed.


We divide the listings into 2 types – Individuals and Companies. The only major difference is that a company listing has an option for a contact person, an individual listing does not. For a company listing, we have 5 options: Production Company, Post House, Equipment Rental, Catering and Construction. Within this category, we do not permit listing every service offered, it doesn’t look good on the site, and since many companies will outsource for whatever they cannot do in-house, it’s simpler to put it as a single category as clients will understand what that means.

For individuals, we encourage listing only 3 skills: the preview list only shows 3 skills anyway. Putting too many skills is more likely to make clients think the individual is “a jack of all trades, master of none” and therefore less appealing as a potential hire.

When we were prepping for this site, we identified over 200 skills relevant to production and post-production. To avoid a dropdown menu on the homepage that would be too long to be useful, we grouped together a lot of related skills. For example, “Camera” covers Director of Photography, 1st Assistant Camera, 2nd Assistant Camera, Junior Cameraman, etc. You can state your relevant level within the notes section of your page.


The reels submission requires a link to a video; make sure the link can be embedded on another site other than the host site, or it will be blank here. Vimeo has this option, please check that the videos you link are not affected. The page will not accept a playlist or channel. Please limit yourself to no more than 6 reels.