Reels Asia is organised into categories sorted out from a huge list of over 200 recognised positions in production;  we condensed this into 56 categories. here are the categories under Production 

To make things simpler, we’ve grouped together crews who describe themselves as an assistant for a production but which do not fall under the other categories, so this category is for people who can come in an help the production team as needed

Actor – Male / Actor – Female / Actor – Child
Self-explanatory; a tough category to feature reels as often it’s hard to have a highlight of an actor’s performance, performances often have to be judged in their totality. A longer resume generally means a more experienced actor familiar with how things work on set

2D Animators, 3D Animators, StopMotion Artists

Art Department
Includes everyone in an art department – Art Director, Junior Art Director, Art Assistant, Graphic Artist  & Illustrator. The last 2 would be for creating imagery for the set. Can be for Commercials, Productions, Events, etc.

Includes all areas of casting, from Casting Director, Casting Assistant, Casting Management, Casting Co-ordinator, etc.

This includes everyone involved with the camera, and the range of positions is wide. Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Cameraman, 1st Asst Camera, 2nd Asst Camera, Junior Cameraman, Camera Assistant, Steadicam Operator, Motion Control and Drone Operators (who typically will be registered with CAAS). All DoPs with experience running a good-sized set will be featured in the listings.

For on-set Action/Stunts or Dance

Data Wrangler
Handles Digital Media from the shoot and into the post-production workflow

Covers Design for Exhibition, Experiential & Fashion for live events / installation / runway shows, etc.

Directors may specialise in only a particular category, which could be TV Commercials, Documentary, Fashion, Action, Motion Picture, Infotainment, Lifestyle, TV Series, Corporate Videos. Also includes 1st Assistant Director, 2nd Assistant Director and Assistant Director

Fixer includes fixers, both in Singapore and overseas, as well as researchers

Includes all variations of Grip – Key Grip, Grip, Best Boy, Dolly Grip, etc.

Hair & Make-Up
Includes the traditional Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist

Host, Emcee, Master of Ceremony for Live Events, TV Shows, Dinner & Dance, Galas, etc.

Includes Lighting Director, Gaffer, Best Boy (Lighting), Lighting Technician, etc.

Live events
Live Event Producer, Live Event Director, Live Event Lighting Director, Live Event Sound Engineer

Location & Sets
Location Manager, Location Scout, Property Master, Construction Co-Ordinator, Head Carpenter and Prop Maker. For Sets, this would be set designer, set decorator & set dresser.

Location Sound
Sound Recordist for on-set recording of dialog and ambient sound from set for dialog editing. Will frequently have their own gear including multitrack recording and extensive wireless mics, boom mics and wired mics. Includes people who are dedicated boom operators and production sound mixers

Includes models for all sectors, including fashion/catwalk models through to hand models.

Outside Broadcast
For any event that includes outside broadcast,

Includes anyone who is a performer but not in other categories – this would include magicians, puppeteers, clowns, etc.

Stills photography, for every area of Photography – Fashion, Events, Food, Products, Portrait, Wedding, Performance, Sport, Concerts, etc. Includes Photographer and Photography Assistant

Production Management
Every role within managing a production, but not as a producer – would include roles such as Production Assistant, Production Co-ordinator, Production Support, etc.

Overall-in-charge of a production; some specialise in particular genres: commercials, TV programming, Infotainment, Corporate Videos, Marketing, Line Producer, Executive Producer, Assistant Producer

Special Effects
On-set effects, not CGI added effects. Special Effects Supervisor, Special Effects Assistant, Green Screen Director

For shooting stills or live action, often with green screen capabilities

Storyboard & Visuals
Storyboard Artist, Visualizer, Design Illustrator

Food Stylist, Product Stylist & Assistant Stylist

On-site and off-site translation work

Driver, Stunt Driver (i.e. on camera driving), Vehicle Rental

For shooting events like Corporate Events, Editorial, Fashion Shows, Food or Lifestyle Events, Weddings, D&Ds, etc. This would be considered a more basic category compared to Camera.

Vision Mixer
For live events, whether only to screens at the event or as part of an outside broadcast.

Costume Designer, Wardrobe Master, Wardrobe Stylist, Wardrobe Assistant, Wardrobe Buyer, Tailor

Copywriter, Script Supervisor, Scriptwriter, Transcriber, Writing Consultant, Series Development

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