Reels Asia is organised into categories sorted out from a huge list of over 200 recognised positions in production;  we condensed this into 56 categories. here are the categories under Post Production

Audio Post
This is for sound editors, re-recording mixers – anyone who works on the audio portion of a production in post, including recording voice overs, ADR, mixing, etc. and delivers their work as mono/stereo/surround mixes.

3D and any related discipline.

Someone who does Color Grading, sometimes called Telecine. Modern-day color grading are typically software running on PC / MacOS / Linux, such as DaVinci Resolve, Adobe SpeedGrade, etc.

Digital Media
Includes social media such as instagram, facebook, youtube but at a specialist level, beyond being merely a user of these platforms

Graphic Design
Stationary image design, without animation, typically for branding materials

Motion Graphics
Previously known within broadcasters simply as graphics, this now covers a huge range of applications within the post field. Motion Graphics talents for this category typically use Adobe After Effects, the current leader in motion graphics software. Other software would include Apple’s Motion. Also included is retouching, typography and infographics.

Original music, from soundtrack scoring for film through to pop music for advertising

Post Producer
Producer who focuses specifically on post-production. Includes promo producers for On-Air Promo departments.

Sound Designer
This is for sound designers who produce sound effects for a production and also anyone who works on making sounds for the game industry, itself now matching Hollywood film production for annual revenue

Video Editor
Includes editors who work on every area of video editing – offline, online, etc., via NLE software such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Virtual Reality
A fast-changing sector comprising Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and typically requiring a headset for the end-user in gaming or 3D Cinema.

Visual Effects
What sci-fi movie would be possible without Visual Effects? For Reels Asia, this cover anyone who handles creating visual effects in post production, typically using footage shot on greenscreen to incorporate live-action. Role titles include Visual Effects Creative Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, Visual Effects Editor, Compositor, Rotoscoper and Matte Painter.

Voice Overs
This is for studios that handle voice over recording. For individual voice over talents, profiles are at VoiceOvers.Asia

VOD means so much content is now consumed away from traditional delivery channels such as broadcast TV or cable; this category is for talents who can handle getting your content online, either as a web designer, server guru, platform genius, etc.

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