Reels Asia is organised into categories sorted out from a huge list of over 200 recognised positions in production;  we condensed this into 56 categories. here are the categories under Companies – these are all quite self-explanatory!

Companies that cater food for sets or events; we’re not including food delivery companies or fast food restaurants that will deliver. These are proper catering companies that can bring food to feed a shoot or guests at an event.

Equipment Rental
Covers companies that rent to productions – whether it’s everything that you need on set, or just lighting, camera, audio or props

Post House
This category covers a traditional post house – many production companies now have some in-house facilities (and some have extensive in-house options), but we’re defining a post-house as a place that has, at a minimum, proper colour grading and knows how to generate international broadcast deliverables

Production Company
These companies typically deal with the final client are expected to hire whatever services they don’t have in-house. They will come up with the creative portion, unless their client is an ad agency and they’re only providing production support. Production Companies will not be listed with another skill category.

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