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I have been working in the Game / Film / Animation industries for the better part of 16 years, Singapore is my 3rd country of residency in the context of employment.

My most recent place of employment being Ubisoft Singapore. In the time I have been in the industry, I have worked under different job titles, several of them as leads or department heads. Just a few years ago, I worked as a Technical Director and was responsible for overseeing the operations between 3 different teams (Animation / Post, Pre Prod / On-set film crew) located in Singapore, Malaysia, and Beijing under one pre-production company that serviced a Film Company in China. During that time, I regularly flew back and forth between Beijing and Singapore.

What I bring to the table is experience as a Video Editor, a Motion Graphic Artist, a 3D Modeler; an all-around production person who has lead and subordinate experience in Games, Film and Animation; and someone who himself is a 3D artist. Even if not for employment, I am currently open to taking freelance work or work from home-based projects. Thank you very much for your time. Rene “Jei” Vencer 3D Artist / Multimedia Generalist / Technical Director

Proficiently used Softwares:

Maya (Rigging focus and Non-Linear Animation)
Softimage XSI
3DS Max
MEL / Python / Maxscript
Motion Builder
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier
Adobe After Effects

  • Phone +65 8498 1744
  • Location Singapore