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I am a freelance Producer, Director, Editor with 15 years of experience in the film/video production environment currently base both in KL, Malaysia & Singapore.

I worked in Singapore for close to 7 years with various boutique production houses & tv networks, including AP Media Pte. Ltd (Singapore), Pete’s Creation International (Singapore), MediaCorp (Singapore), Starhub TV (Singapore), UNBC Network (Singapore), Brand New Media (Singapore), Red Communications (Malaysia), VHQ Post (Malaysia), Passion Pictures (Malaysia), Imaginex Studio (Malaysia), Astro (Malaysia).


Feature Film

  • Seed of Darkness (Malaysian Chinese Horror Film, 2006 Release in cinemas nationwide) – Executive Producer, Producer, Production Manager, Editor
  • Fist Of Dragon (Malaysia-Singapore-China Co Production, 2010 Release in Malaysia, Singapore) – Choreography Direct, Film Editor
  • Firefly (Malaysia-Singapore Co Production, 2013 Release in Malaysia, Singapore) – Post Producer
  • 100 Yards (Singapore-USA-Phillippines Co Production, 2018 Release in USA) – Editor
  • Batoor: A Refugee Journey (Singapore) – Editor

Corporate Videos & Commercials, Produce, Direct, Edit (not in order)

  • Various brands such as Canon, Singtel, Milo, Polleney, DBS, Manuka Honey, Julius Baer, Legoland and etc.

I had also worked with Vietnam film

Please visit www.oliverjeyraldlee.com for more of my work.

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