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Graphiss Media is a game-changing Singaporean video production company, servicing clients locally, as well as in the region. Our video production services are perfectly suited for projects large and small; from corporate mainstays, to event coverage, and recently 360 VR and Multi-camera live stream video production. No matter the brief or task, we are concerned with one thing above all else: leveraging technology and talent to meet our client’s objectives.

Our exceptional in-house production team pursues their craft not as a job, but as a lifestyle. When they are not using their skill sets on a client project, they are hard at work perfecting their skills through such varied avenues such as running a lego centric youtube channel, daily sunset drone flights, and shooting content for their hiphop dance crew.

It’s simple: we can help you achieve your goals with effective storytelling while ensuring we keep your project cost effective. Whether you are looking to promote your event, create a corporate video for your startup business, run a live stream video production or develop 360 VR content— we can help you get there. If you are seeking video production in Singapore or anywhere else across the region, our production team can create video content for you that is entertain, creative, and most importantly, effective.

Our video production services run the entire gamut, from brainstorming and content development, all the way to editing and post-production; what this all means is that we can develop, guide, and execute your project all under one roof. This allows for ultimate control of quality, vision and message.

Let us tell your story, your way.