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The story.

Whether it’s a 30-second film, a rough sketch on a 6 frame storyboard, a 600-word article or just a one-line caption on Facebook, the world is full of stories. I call myself a storyteller because these are just some of the platforms where I get to do what I do. I find and tell the story in every product, every brand, every individual and my gift is the ability to create these stories to be told to the world.

Just like a coin that has spent time in the pockets and the palms of many over the years, my view of the world is shaped by my experiences and the stories shared to me in my travels. This is how I create the ‘what ifs’, the foundation of how I do what I do.

My name is Sivaraj Pragasm and I want to know what’s the story behind your brand, or even you…just so we can craft it out together to let the world know.

The story.