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I am a director-writer, producer, and film scholar | self-shooting and editing with a background in drama, comedy, documentary, and commercial, a strong passion for story- and subject driven narratives and exploration of ideas. Recent references include Discovery Networks, Bloomberg US, (i.e.).  I also work as a freelance art journalist and educator. My production company, Alien & Turtle, is based in Singapore and we provide services and solutions globally.

*Multi- and single-cam directing / producing | location and sets / studio / recorded and live
*Screenwriting experience across drama, comedy, branded content, VR
*Health & Safety certified through BBC Drama UK
*Videography in 4K, HD, 25-100fps | DJI and Canon, 2015 Canon equipment sponsored
*Shooting experience in SG, Malaysa, Laos, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, UK, and Germany with deliverables for broadcasts (US, SEA, UK) and digital.

Full documentary, Bloomberg US, shot in South Korea