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Nizlan Sani is a location sound recordist since late 2010. He’s also an avid dirt biker, a PADI-certified rescue diver, non-vegetarian, non- fruitarian (except for apple and banana) who loves punctuality.

Equipment list – Nizlan has an extensive range of audio equipment, including Field Mixers / Recorders from Sound Devices, Lectrosonics & Zoom. He has wireless systems from Wisycom, Sennheiser, Kaltman, Lectrosonics and more. He uses microphones from DPA, Rode, Sanken, Countryman, Sure, Sennheiser.

His timecode gear include an Ambient Recording ACN-LS Timecode slate, ACL-204 Lockit Box and a pair of Tentacle Sync timecode box. He also owns numerous boom poles, headphones and other gear for location sound.