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M2 Description

M2 is synonymous with creativity and dynamism. There is no style or form of film project that our roster of diverse talent can’t accomplish. M2 is a home where talent and individuality rule – we let our creators create, and our clients reap the rewards.

We are based in Singapore, Bangkok, and Berlin, but our footprint is global. We go where our clients – and our ideas – take us.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our combined decades of experience, it’s that people matter. Not just our talent, or the people we work with, but the people we tell stories to, and the people we tell stories about. Whether we’re weaving a tale utilising off-the-wall visual concepts, or harnessing the latest in technology to transform and transcend the norm, we always remember – we tell stories about people, for people.

The world isn’t black and white – the colours are what give it life – so, let M2 add some colour to your palette.

M2 Service Asia

M2 talent is from everywhere, and can work anywhere. That is the true diversity of our brand, and we want to pass that on to you. It isn’t just about being able to work with clients anywhere in the world – it’s about being able to tap into the individuality and creativity that those places hold.

That is why we don’t only work with a diverse and international range of directors, but also art directors. There aren’t many collectives who can claim that not only are they able to work anywhere, but have a true understanding of the culture and ideas in those countries.

M2 Postproduction Philosophy

At M2, we think GLOCAL. We work in a global environment, but stay local – no matter where local is to you. We start working in Asia, when Germany and the rest of Europe is still asleep, and by our day’s end we are ready to deliver, just in time for the start of the European workday.

M2 doesn’t want our clients to wake up to questions and problems; we want you to wake up to ideas and solutions. That is the philosophy that drives our postproduction. Efficient, prompt, and cost-effective, while still maintaining a healthy work/life balance for both our clients, and our creatives.