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Gee, based in Singapore, is an experienced photographer specialises in food photography & styling. Her passion in food photography can be seen in her works. Just browse through her works and you’ll immediately fall in love with them.

Over the years, she has worked with many food establishments to help them create beautiful eye-catching and mouth watering food images. What better way to attract your customers than to first and foremost feast their eyes with your beautiful dishes.

Food photography requires a niche skill set from the photographer. Everyone can take pictures of food but few can make them outstanding. What sets her apart from her peers is her creativity and her ability to use her photography & food styling skills to make the dishes look beautiful.

Gee ensures she understand her clients’ requirements for every assignment she undertakes. At times, she will work with her clients to conceptualise a theme and style best work for them. Talk to her today and let the partnership begins.