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Depending on the time of day, freeflow are many things to many people – good husbands to our wives, good brothers to our sisters, good sons to our mothers, and good fathers to our sons.

For the better part of the day, freeflow are a team of filmmakers, writers and multimedia designer who love what they do.

We simply enjoy every step of the creative process – from listening to our clients to ascertaining their needs, and then brazenly promising them the world. Next, we stare determinedly at blank pages, at walls and at one another until the ‘eureka’ moment strikes somewhere along the way.

After the inspiration, comes the perspiration for the ideas to become effective solutions. These creations are then delivered to our clients with song and dance (more often than not, our satisfied clients join in the celebration).

Finally, we get to indulge in our customary self-congratulatory number, where the team comes together in a group hug and we shed tears of gratitude for our god-given talents.

We then sit by the mail box and wait for the cheque to arrive.