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Damien is the driving force behind Sonic Cabin, an avant garde audio service provider based in Singapore

The brains behind the scenes, Damien has been in the audio and TV broadcasting industry since 2001. His expertise ranges from Audio Post for TV, Band Recording & Mixing, Sound Design, Radio Program Mixing, Location Recording, Broadcasting and Music Composition.

He is also an accomplished guitarist, songwriter and engineer for active bands such The Black Monolith, Bhelliom, Valence & Truth Be Known, bands that have rocked stages in Taiwan and Asia.

Besides writing, mixing music and playing guitar, Damien’s other passion is Sound Design for video, animations and films.

Feel free to contact Damien for a chat, email or even meetup for a beer or coffee and talk about your favorite musicians or hobbies

Damien has an extensive collection of location sound, music and audio post gear – see the full list here

For a listing of his credits, please click here