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Singapore photo Assistant Crew! We are professional assistants and crew for the professional photographers, based in Singapore, but we travel anywhere and we also provide gear rental. We are made up of working photographers and videographers, retired photographers, students and your guy-next-door. We conduct training, both in class and on real assignments for our crew and regularly update the skills of our crew.

Anton, Founding First Assistant

That’s me, I am a working photographer with a great existing crew (who are my friends really,) and I thought, why not share my resources with other photographers? In the current era of ‘everyone’s a photographer’, dedicated assistants are harder to come by. I never really assisted much in my starting years, I assisted a couple of photographers for a couple of times and then I went on to do my own thing, a decade passed in a blink of an eye, and I realized I am missing out a great deal of lessons that I would had learned. Returning to assisting now brings me a lot of pleasure and learning experiences.

Aex, First Assistant

Aex has more than 10 years of experience in commercial photography industry. His experience in established studios allows him to troubleshoot the many issues encountered on location. He is experienced in handling different type of lighting gear and grip equipment.

Cyril, First Assistant

Cyril has over 25 years working experience in photography both as a photographer himself and in assisting other professional photographers locally as well as from overseas, such as Mike Skelton. Thus he knows his way around lighting, equipment and camera angles. His favorite quip is “Gaffer or duct tape can fix almost anything.”

Vicson, First Assistant

Vicson is a videographer and producer in his main line of work. He has an interest in camera movements and cinematic lightings.

Ben, First Assistant

Ben had assisted in wedding photography for the past 5 years. When he is not assisting he is a sports instructor. He is an individual who strives constantly to adapt to new changes on the job and often think beyond just the photography aspects of things, thus providing suggestions and alerting the lead photographer from another point of view.

Armond, First Assistant

Armond is a videographer, video editor and producer with a local wedding videography company for many years. He does photography and videography on his own now and does assisting on the side.

Assistant Crew also has 4 Second Assistants on staff