When we first decided to make this site, we figured the main task was to just grab grab data from a bunch of Facebook groups related to advertising / film / video production and all the other sites that cover this niche, throw it into a nice wordpress listing template on a site that would be easy to maintain and *boom* we’d be done.

As if anything would be that simple!

The first and still biggest hurdle was how to categorise everyone. I hired a freelance to do the nitty gritty work of getting all this raw data and set about organising it. The first problem I came across was the different categories. The first count was over 200. With any site where you are looking for something that will be a category in a dropdown menu, you don’t want something that you need to scroll too much; countries of the world is one that comes to mind.

The solution was to gather common skills of different levels and make them into a subset. So from the raw data where we saw many folks who were listing themselves as a DoP, Cameraman, Camera Assistant (1CA), Camera Assistant (2CA), Camera Grip, Camera Operator, we decided to group them all under “Camera”. Each listing would then include exactly what level of Camera they were at. The most senior level of DoP with a supporting reel would be a featured listing.

Now, we have a dropdown menu of skills that hits a sweet spot of approximately 50 options. We’re open to feedback on how to improve things, and that means any aspect of the site, so please do send in your comments on how we’ve organised the categories.